Amir Ghezala

Amir Ghezala

Frontend Developer




  • Work on the frontend of Cognigy AI application.
  • Use technologies such as React, TypeScript, Redux, and Cypress to write type-safe and tested code.
  • Collaborate closely with designers and product managers to deliver features.
  • Present features I build every sprint.
  • Conduct code reviews daily.


AHREFS, REMOTE (MAR 2021 - MAY 2022)

  • Independently translated Figma design mock-ups into live user interfaces using React and CSS.
  • Interacted with Backend APIs to fetch data.
  • Worked in an environment of keen code reviews and testing.
  • Collaborated with designers to implement and maintain accessible components in a design system used across the company's teams.
  • Implemented pages on a Gatsby static site.
  • Contributed to open source projects.


Posts and Articles

⬈ Docs are boring, let's build a movie finder app to learn React hooks (useReducer, useEffect and useContext)

August 29, 2020




Open source

bs-css: Statically typed CSS in ReasonML. I implemented support for multiple CSS properties.



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